Bruno Boulnois

I wanted to thank you again for the success of these 2 days and to say that the best proof of this success is that we are coming back to work with a lot of new ideas in mind, besides all these nice moments that we have shared all together. Not only we collected a lot of interesting concrete actions to develop our team spirit, but we also reached the conclusion that this is only the starting point of a journey, where we need to “keep the ball rolling” and where I am sure you, Charles and Adile, will have a role to play, together with us. If you have any suggestions on how you can be along with us, for the next coming year, please let us know. Certainly Naomi will organise a “debriefing and brainstorming session” for us to meet again, in January 2010, when we will have the opportunity to define how we can, jointly, how to follow-on what was decided now, plus decide on next events, or coaching solutions for the different levels of our Eurocopter China.