Please click the link below to receive your verification email.David, recently accepted to a prestigious dance school, has been secretly sleeping with his sister's husband, Jules. Suzanne Collins (Brookside) as Jane is superb as the totally oblivious wife who believes she is the cause of Jules's increasing moods and stands out in the life changing scene. To be honest I didn't have much expectation as a lot of the reviews had said this was typical soap plot lines but in my opinion the film tackles real issues and the cast delivered the story exceptionally well. David looked just like Susan Boyle....except much younger and cuter of course. I thought Suzanne Collins was excellent as wronged wife Jane. It was also obvious that David slept with Sam to try and forget Jules. The lead character, David, is certainly not one of them.
Leon Lopez (born 30 August 1979, in Liverpool) is a British actor, television and film director, singer-songwriter and occasional model, best known for playing the role of Jerome Johnson in the Channel 4 soap opera Brookside from 1998 to 2002. Soft Lad. Rotten Tomatoes, home of the Tomatometer, is the most trusted measurement of quality for Movies & TV.

Watchable, 8/10,I completely enjoyed this film as it just goes to show how you can devastate lives sometime without realising your actions. No longer able to handle lying to his family and in particular his sister, David decides to end the affair and instead turns to new love Sam. Sadly, not worth watching twice because it's such a downer. Like so many gay men, they try and lead a "normal" which usually explodes in their faces. Laura Ainsworth who plays Stacey was hilarious, she played the character so well.

Quite a feat in itself and one where you could forgive the occasional mistake that may occur throughout the feature. >> 50% of June and July 2020 proceeds were donated to the Black Lives Matter UK Fund. In truth though it's actually a decent film, the story does grab you, it unfolds well, and the acting is excellent. I feel the same but as I wrote on Dekko, I have watched the movie quite a few times and I always felt something was incomplete.
The two gay men made some bad decisions and then had to pay the consequences. I will say this. The sentiment also applies to this film.Soft Lad is a (very) low-budget indie movie that dreams big and sadly falls short, mostly due to an over-reliance on melodrama and an unwillingness to let its characters breathe and grow.Not a happy ending in this film. Overall, I found the film to be adequate with a nice plot twist and good performances, but I'm still waiting for a film that doesn't make the gay characters into horrible people. Soft Lad ; Where to watch. Who is affected? When all this comes out, all hell breaks loose and the 3 part ways in a very horrible show down. Although some ppl view that as jealousy, jealousy goes hand-hand with loving a person because if I am not mad or jealous, I do not givbe a crap about what you do or who you see. Putting his marriage at risk he must decide whether or not to come clean about the affair or accept that it is over and move on. So what is the film about? Originating from Liverpool, a slang term meaning 'idiot' or 'stupid', but in a nicer way. I can't even imagine what a person would be feeling, but she nailed it. Now I could be wrong, but David, who was in this mess, came out with his dance career and a man.Poor Jane was left with nothing but her child and we all know what Jules was gonna do. If that were not true, when Sam asked if something was wrong David answered by saying it is Jules my father.

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