LSL Consultancy is a boutique management consulting firm that offers a range of business consulting services using industry best practices to improve the performance of your business.

LSL Consultancy will identify potential problem areas and will provide consultation for team building, management effectiveness, development of coaching skills and organizational strategy. Our team of experienced business consultants is here to help your organization to improve its performance and efficiency.

We offer you a fully inclusive business consulting packages beginning with an initial analysis, implementation of our consultation and a follow up stage after implementation. We have extensive experience, a passion for our work and a drive for excellence.


During the business consulting process LSL Consultancy will use its unique frameworks to implement efficient business practices and provide solutions to improve your internal organization as well as your client relationships.


Our experienced business consultants provide management consulting to your organization to improve its performance and efficiency.

After analyzing your specific business and needs, the team of LSL Consultancy will create tailor-made solutions while helping your company to meet its goals and achieve success. We provide business consulting services and trainings on strategy, planning and problem solving, and help our clients develop business skills and knowledge. We also have experience with small business consulting in China and Europe.

Business owners should consider LSL Consultancy’s business consulting services when they need help or perspective on their chosen strategy or need a catalyst for change in their organization. Our business consultants will work with you to achieve growth and success.