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I’d like to thank LSL Consultancy – and specifically Adile – for the coaching sessions I had last year during a 6 month period. After 12 years working in my company, I have taken a new challenge 2 years ago by managing a team of more than 50 people in China. It has been another/different dimension compare to my previous roles where I needed to step back a little bit to become a true leader. Adile helped me to know myself better: my strength and my weaknesses to come over a challenging and exciting position. I can just tell that the results after those 6 month coaching by Adile have been tangible and real. My team , colleagues and management can recognize the positive progress that has been done.


This morning the entire Sales team came to my office with a gift of chocolates to thank me for arranging the sales training… This morning the entire Sales team came to my office with a gift of chocolates to thank me for arranging the sales training. They said that it was great, and I thank you for all your efforts.


Your training to improve customer satisfaction at Shimao Rivera Garden has deeply affected everyone. I hope the Customer Service staff in all management systems can take this training in order to provide our quality service.

JANE WANGShimao Rivera Garden

I can wholeheartedly recommend Adile to anyone expecting only the best in customized Leadership Development, Management Training and high end Sales / Customer Service or Marketing related development programs. She brings operational experience in the Hotel Industry, Real estate and Training Services where she has developed her expertise on how to build effective Customer relation and Sales skills in China. Adile is a very effective listener, who can rapidly understand business issues, and is able to design client specific development modules for highest behavioral impact. Adile (LSL) is currently the only Partner we entrust with all Leadership Development related projects for our clients.

MARC DAWSONTalent Spheres Group

I would like to thank you for a great training session this weekend. We have requested training for sometime here in Beijing and we are extremely pleased that this program has been arranged in such a professional way. I am sure I speak for my whole department when I say that we learned something over the weekend and I am sure this will provide us with great foundation for further growth both professionally and personally.


On behalf of our residential team, I would like to express our very sincere thanks for your incredible effort, patience in your teaching and presentation skills. Your motivation has created a diffusion effect that made everyone proud of being a family member of FPDSavills. The workshop has given us a tremendous and valuable insight, and we are determined to continue and grow with the company. Rest assured we will not only implement and apply what we have learned, but will also do our best to improve our sales skills.


It was so wonderful to be trained by you last weekend. I find I learned a lot from you and my colleagues. Something we were aware of already but didn’t give proper attention to. After your notice and consultation, I now know which aspect I shall develop. There is more we learn from your training section. Moreover, although it happened during the weekend, you made the training so interesting, funny and relaxing. It was very splendid experience! I admire your training process and thanks for your hard preparation. I expect your next section. It must be very interesting and helpful. Thanks again for your hard working and good training.


Thank you again for the training sessions this weekend. I have had excellent feedback from those who attended- all of them, both junior and senior told me that they had learned a lot and would be able to start applying the new techniques straight away. It helps tremendously that you make the sessions fun as well as informative, so the people who were initiative and take advantage of the momentum that seems to have been created.


Thank you so much for your time spent with us over the three days while conducting the said training with all of our sales personnel, whom I am sure benefited from the training.


Adile has been a fantastic business associate to work with and I have benefited a lot from our partnership. In addition to being incredibly sincere, dependable and generous, she’s deeply committed to excellence: she’s a person who refuses to accept her second best and everything she does, she does it with heart. I highly recommend Adile as a great person and business partner.

GARY WANGMindSpan Learning

Adile has always been a serious professional in the field of her expertise; from human relations management to being a key driver of sales force. She is result-oriented and shows great care with what she does and whom she deals with. As a multi-lingual business woman, she has well established a reputation not only in Asia Pacific but also throughout Europe.

BARBARA MARADIKIntercontinental Beijing

We have been co-operating with LSL consultancy on several occasions and have been extremely satisfied with their professionalism, their vast analytical capacity, their orientation towards applicable solutions and their flexibility. LSL has been only a call away in providing a dimensional approach to managerial , leadership, and retail issues. Orsay executives have benefited from individualized coaching sessions that led them to appreciate various angles in a given project. I can wholeheartedly recommend Adile to anyone expecting only the best in consultancy, training and coaching processes


I had the opportunity to work with LSL during a program designed to build up the management principles of our Management Team in China. Talent Spheres Group, under the lead of Marc Dawson was in charge of the program and introduced us to Adile and her team to develop and facilitate the team sessions. Working with LSL was a pleasure, Adile was very professional with her facilitation and she integrated our staff well into her program. Upon walking into the room she made everybody feel welcome and used her knowledgeable expertise to help our team achieving the program objectives. Adile has a passion for her job and through that passion has developed a comprehensive program, which our managers and employees will benefit from. Our management cohesion, communication and team efficiency have already benefited from our session with Adile and Marc and we are looking forward to future collaborations.


It was a good experience to us to share a seminar with ‘Leadership & Success’, their knowledge and experience of luxury was real added value to us!


Adile is great listener, who is even able to find what is behind the words. She can analyze the situation quickly. As a problem solving oriented person she introduces actions’ plans to tackle the issues one by one. Her perseverance and “every day” positive attitude enable her to keep on going until the objectives are reached. In addition her experience of cultural differences guides her to make people feel at ease and to teach them how to interact in the best way. It was a great pleasure and success to work with her on training issues for the launch of Orsay retail operations in China.


I wanted to thank you again for the success of these 2 days and to say that the best proof of this success is that we are coming back to work with a lot of new ideas in mind, besides all these nice moments that we have shared all together. Not only we collected a lot of interesting concrete actions to develop our team spirit, but we also reached the conclusion that this is only the starting point of a journey, where we need to “keep the ball rolling” and where I am sure you, Charles and Adile, will have a role to play, together with us. If you have any suggestions on how you can be along with us, for the next coming year, please let us know. Certainly Naomi will organise a “debriefing and brainstorming session” for us to meet again, in January 2010, when we will have the opportunity to define how we can, jointly, how to follow-on what was decided now, plus decide on next events, or coaching solutions for the different levels of our Eurocopter China.


Adile , I wish to thank you for working with us on the Time Management workshop. It was a great session and I am sure everyone has benefited from the exercises which were useful for them to understand the principals. Also, your idea of having a relevant case study has helped a great deal. Overall comments are positive – the key words I got from the team about the delivery are passionate, pragmatic, detailed. The feedback on thedeliverable is productive, useful and realistic. All good stuff. I look forward to working with you again in the not too distant future.


This is our first experience working with LSL. Actually LSL was also recommended by another company. The firm is extremely professional and operates with integrity. We just had 3 hours communication skill training by Adile, but all of us were absolutely satisfied with Adile and impressed very much with her professionalism and passion, also the result was much better than expected. Even if it was a short initiation, but it gave us a good “taste” of some coaching which can enhance our professional skills.


I approached LSL Consultancy when I was made CEO of a mid-sized aviation supply company, managing four companies over 3 continents. Adile coached me over an extended period of time to especially support and develop my leadership and management style, decision making process as well as company internal communication. I highly appreciated Adile’s quick understanding of the situation at hand, potentials to be developed and impending stumbling blocks ahead on internal issues with appropriate solutions. I can only recommend Adile to anybody who has climbed the corporate ladder and finds her/himself in new leadership position.


I engaged Adile as my executive coach and from the moment we had our first ‘chemistry’ session was blown away at her ability to diagnose and create simple and focused solutions to aid my personal and professional ability. Over the years I have worked with multiple coaches, but never come across an individual who really can get to the core of an issue and then give simple advice with logical steps to advance forward. An absolute joy to work with; I would recommend Adile without hesitation.


As partner, we collaborate with Adile on Management and soft skills training. We always receive positive feedback from participants. Beside theory, Adile adds very useful practical exercises and debriefing sessions. They appreciate Adile’s dynamism and expertise.


I have closed worked with Adile in providing executive coaching programs for my clients in the past 5 years. Adile is sharp and insightful to understand the client’s needs, she is good at listening to the coachee’s voice, understand stakeholders’ point of view, helping the coachee to have deep self-awareness so as to make gradual behavior change or make critical decisions. Adile is passionate in supporting the coachee’s personal growth and career success. Moreover, Adile is able to give practical suggestions to senior management based on her rich managerial experiences and business experiences. I am grateful to work with Adile, an excellent executive coach!

GRACE PANRight Management

We really appreciated LSL consultancy’s reactivity and support when had to change the training program due to our company’s acquisition. The quality and professionalism of Adile’s team were key to make this program a success and engage our team in a long-term change during and after the training.


Since the first day we met LSL Consultancy, we have found ourselves in a total unique journey. In the META LUXURY VALUES training program presented by Ms. Adile and her amazing team to our OPEN INVESTMENT teams, we learned a lot, gained a new perspective and insight and had a great time with a team where our values fit together.

BERRİN CANKAYTurkishBank Group

If you are reading these words, you are about convincing yourself to move on to the next step of studying with LSL. I would I love to say that I have my thankfulness to Adile and her fantastic team because they had a long lasting effort in understanding our world first, then we strongly established a powerful strategy. All the actions we took led our team to change so deeply that they came up with core reasons of why they do their jobs. Thank you for all and I hope we can meet again.