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Millennials in your Workplace – Trick or Treat?

There is a stigma attached to millennials… the perception is linked to their daring, casual and“I know it all“ attitude that clashes with an established workplace culture.


As generations change and so does the dominance in the workplace floor, we need to understand that old frameworks and protocols may not be the ideal set-up for this misunderstood generation.

Millennials want to work, they want to work hard at what they choose to be passionate about.

It becomes imperative to understand that while the previous generation stressed a lot on protocols, system and process, with the millennials the the result is more important than the terms of achieving it. And sometimes, the results may be twice better than fair expectations.


Another thing that comes under limelight is when companies hire from this generation, they need to understand that the millennials have a wide exposure, instant knowledge at grasp and dedication to strive to be better.

Their ideology is that if they are being hired, it shouldn’t be because they fit in the job description a 100%, it should mostly be that they are quick to adapt and are smarter to adapt and deliver. They strive to be the shaker and mover.

They prefer to not be told how you want to get a work done, instead they should be given the liberty to finalize the work on their terms..

It is a tricky sphere to navigate and most companies are advised to free their existing protocols on this new generation, as the results and success met with progress and development would be a treat indeed.