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Survival Kit For Shark Workplaces

Office workplace is a pond in which many species are coexisting. Among them, the shark is, especially, dangerous. This predator is bloodthirsty, strong, power-greedy, always ready to chase then jump on kind and shiny co-worker or on anyone who would be a threat or an obstacle. Right now, you may have recognized some of your colleagues in this short description.

A working shark can choose between several strategies to crush his/her colleagues and so-called rivals: spreading misinformation or rumours, belittling them to appear superior, emphasizing and making bigger each one of their mistake during meetings or in public, choosing a less qualified friend over the legitimate one (in other words YOU) for a promotion…

Imagine, you are the fresh addition to a team and you sense a workplace full of sharks. The very first goal is to identify the sharks. Then you need to be flawless, in other words you should be professional at any time so as to sharks don’t smell the fresh blood. Finally, grow stronger by strengthening your relationships with non-shark profiles (colleagues) because a predator is always attacking the single one. Moreover, to progress on your skills, you can communicate with your manager to identify some improvements through ongoing and regular feedbacks.

If you are, unfortunately, the target little lamb and you are struggling to get out of his jaw, here are some ways to divert his attention:

Be confident! Predators smell the fear from far away more than anything.
Run away! Never step in sharks’ businesses if you can avoid.
Play by the rules! Do everything perfectly to be flawless.
Avoid being patronized, remember power exist only for those who accept it.
At least, once in your corporate life you will face one. Don’t let him ruin your professional career. React and tame him!