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Tips for a Greener and More Sustainable Workplace!

Use electricity wisely:

  • Unplug electronic devices after used
  • Switch off the lights when leaving the room
  • Use compact fluorescent bulbs instead of incandescent ones
  • Install motion-activated light switches.

All these simple habits can not only reduce electricity consumption but also reduce the bill at the end of the month. Everyone is winning!

Say no to printers:

  • Banned printers from the office.
  • At least set printers to print on both sides of paper as a default. You will cut the paper costs by 50%.

Imagine a workplace without the annoying sound of hundreds printing papers every day, what a peaceful place.

Bring the outside inside:

  • Convince your company to buy real plants instead of fake plants. Cover your walls with fake plants.

Moral of your colleagues will increase, stress will reduce, productivity will increase, and you will get a nicer work environment.

Replace your old stuff by eco-friendly one and donate it:

  • Most of the time, companies want to buy newest electronic devices to be faster and better. Instead of throwing old stuff into the bin, you can donate it to charity associations. Old stuff will have another life and will help people from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Replace hand dryers by recycle paper towels.
  • Buy one mug to every of your workers for drinks instead of using a plastic cup every time.
  • Set some solar panels on the roof to save some electricity and reduce your electricity bill.

Set up some green measures for your company:

  • Establish a green team in your company to sensibilize the company about environmental issues.
  • Foster public transportations by giving a little reward to employees who are using it to come to work.
  • Help all employees understand that the company values sustainability by including it in job descriptions, training programs, and performance reviews.