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What’s Fake and What’s Not?

Social media has favored us a lot by bridging aspects of lives. It not only eased communication and made real-time sharing a reality, but became a platform where showed the trends of lifestyle, beauty, fashion vertical and aspirations.

There were times when people connected by hanging out and socializing in the evening but now they prefer to connect by giving likes and leaving comments on social media while sitting next to each other.

What’s more, digitalization somehow even managed to change aspirations and dreams. We are all following people whom we either share common interests or find with good content and qualitative narratives. Unknowingly, we’ve got drawn into the social media black hole.

We somehow put much effort in showing people the way we wanted to live instead of really living it which kind of led to blur the line between keeping real and keeping pretty. Ideally, the social network will widen our world but it seems like we have caged ourselves in a world with repetitive patterns of hedonistic desires.

Is having 1 million followers the ultimate goal? How and when did we start equating the number of followers to the actual popularity of the person in real life? Is this the kind of unorthodox mentality we are trying to inculcate?

Somewhere, between progressing and development, we forget the real meaning of life and how we have all started leading dual lifestyle with efficiency.

Next time, you scroll someone’s feed on their social media like Instagram, Facebook etc., ask yourself – Is this really who they are?

Can you tell what’s fake and what’s not?